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A Message From Your Principal!


Dear Parents,

And  just like that,  another school year is in the books! Thank you so very much for supporting the vision and mission of Percy Priest ES this year.  Without your support, we would not be able to achieve the many accomplishments our students experienced the past ten months.

This month's Report to Parents, "Exercise Kids' Minds During Summer" offers families fun, brain-friendly activities to keep  children engaged over the summer. We hope your family will  participate in the NPL and MNPS Summer Reading Challenge during the next two months.

Additional information can be found on and

Parents of 4th grade students: It was a pleasure having your children at Percy Priest.  For many of you, your child has been a PPE tiger for the past five years.  Some of you joined our family this year.  Whether you have been a PPE parent for one year or five years, we hope you have been pleased with their social, emotional and academic growth and progress.  They have been a joy to work with. 

Congratulations to the PPE Class of 2018!   Remember………once a tiger always a tiger!

Happy Summer!  See you in August!

Mrs. Melinda Williams, Principal
Mr. Mark Mason, Assistant Principal