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A Message from your Principal


Did you know encouraging children to read at home is one of the most powerful ways that parents can support students' learning. Just 15 minutes of reading at home per day can make a difference in students' reading fluency. 

This month's Report to Parents, "The Rewards of Reading", offers families strategies to get children reading more at home. We hope you find the article helpful.  

Please check your child’s Friday folder for their Solar Eclipse glasses.  As a reminder, school will not be in session on Monday, August 21st.  However, school will be in session on Friday, September 1st.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Melinda Williams and Mark Mason

Lead in Schools Report for PPE


Metro Public Schools has tested all drinking fountains at Percy Priest ES to ensure they do not contain elevated levels of lead.  The district completed this water sampling to assure our families and employees the drinking water in our schools is safe.  The drinking fountain sampling for lead was a voluntary effort by the school district and was not required by any federal, state or city requirement. 

The drinking water fountain sampling was completed by a consultant and sampling was completed following all required protocols for water quality sampling including analysis by an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified laboratory.

There were ‘NO lead in drinking fountain issues’ from the water sampling results for PPE. 

A final report specific to Percy Priest Elementary will be distributed at a later date.

Thank you. 


Celebration Club


Time to celebrate with Percy Priest’s Celebration Club!

Celebration Club will be learning the history behind certain holidays, making crafts associated with those holidays, reading books about those holidays, and brainstorming fun ideas and ways people can celebrate! A snack will be provided with the fee.

Holidays Include: Football Party (tailgate fun), Patriot’s Day, Birthdays, sports themed parties, Fall Celebration, Halloween, movie themed parties, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and more!

Who: Offered to all grade levels

When: Mondays during the first semester from 3:00-4:15 pm (September 11th, September 18th, September 25th, October 2nd, October 16th, October 23rd, October 30th, November 6th, November 13th, November 20th, November 27th, December 4th, and December 11th)

Where: Room 1- Ms. Davis’ Room

Fee: $200 (includes snack and supplies)

Number of Students: No more than of 20

Click here to download the flyer.

After School Earth Club


Join up this school year to help take care of our community and Earth!

Kids for a Clean Environment (FACE) is a kids club teaching kids about the environment and leadership. We’ll have lots of activities focused on outdoor fun and building leadership skills. Our activities will include planting in the Percy Priest gardens and trees around the school, making recycled paper and learning about recycling, creek exploration and clean up, and much more!

Kids FACE is open to 1st  through 4th graders, we’ll meet rain or shine on Thursday’s after school until 4:15. We have 15 slots so join now! Our first meeting will be Thursday, September 7th . The cost for joining is $20 to help pay for snacks, drinks and other club supplies.

Email Melissa Hood at to sign up and for more information.

Mr. Tanner's Game Club


Game Club

When: Thursdays 3:00-4:00pm, begins September 7th

Where: Room 18

Who: K-4th grades

Cost: $15 per child, per day (fee includes all supplies & snack) 

Game Club will be a time for Mr. Tanner to teach your child both indoor and outdoor games. The games taught will be a variety of types, including individual and team games/sports, board games, video games, athletic sports, card games, and
more. This time will be used to encourage your child to improve social skills and learn the value of good sportsmanship.

(maximum of 20 students per day)

Click here to download the flyer. 

Parenting Blog



I read an article that said that bickering and squabbling between brothers and sisters is natural and that unless things get heated, parents should just accept that it is a healthy way for kids to learn to live with one another. It went on to say that rivalry isn’t unique to humans and that we see it in the animal kingdom constantly.

It does concern me that we, as parents, should accept fighting amongst family members as a normal and meaningful way to learn how to ‘play nice’.

Our children are not animals and to allow them to bicker and fight and disrupt household harmony as a means of improving relationships seems counter-productive to me. Wouldn’t it be quicker and more proactive to teach them from an early age the value of being respectful so they don’t get to such levels of frustration that anger bubbles over?

My husband, Brian, is one of three boys. When they started fighting one another, their father gave them all boxing gloves and ushered them into the back yard to duke it out. I asked him once, having been the youngest brother, how he fared. His reply was, “I bled!” I wonder what healthy lesson they learned from that?

I must confess that when our kids were small, I thought they would never stop arguing. Thankfully, when they reached their mid-teens, they turned the corner and are now best friends. (It also helps that they have their own families now and live in different countries. However, they always pine to see one another as often as possible). But, why did they act out in this way in their early years? Were they just re-enacting how they saw us solve our differences? No, we were peaceful, respectful parents. Did we purposefully train them to better manage their anger and frustration? No. Quite obviously we didn’t!

Why didn’t we step in and teach them a more appropriate way to handle their differences? Maybe we were so busy with our stuff that we were not aware of the telltale signs of trouble brewing until it was too late? Maybe we, like many, thought it was normal, gave in to the inevitability, and/or just crossed our fingers that they would eventually grow out of it. Maybe, way back then we didn’t know how to deal with it. Nobody that we knew was qualified to answer our questions or we didn’t know anyone who was doing any better. I am sincerely sorry now that we were not more proactive in showing our kids a better way.


  • Teach your kids to share, to wait their turn and to speak respectfully to each other.
  • Look at your own role-modeling and handle your own differences in a way you would want your kids to manage theirs.
  • Check the environment frequently to gauge whether the balance of communication generally is more negative than positive. If negative, then observe the individual child’s behaviors to work out the source.
  • Teach children to recognize their own anger levels. Do not allow the statement, “He made me mad!” but rather, “I am angry because….” Teach them that anger and negative reactions are a choice, rather than an acceptable reason for retaliation.
  • Watch out for bullying, overbearing or spiteful displays of behaviors and provide opportunities for your children to tell you about their personal frustrations.


1.     STOP – work out what is happening. Take a deep breath. Walk away.
2.     THINK – Is this really worth fighting about? Is the current solution working?
3.     ASK the other person how they might solve the problem together. Use words not fists to solve the problem.

Teach your children what the formula is and give them time to practice getting it right. If the problem cannot be solved, then involve a parent in creating a solution.

If you come upon an argument, separate the kids. Do not jump in with discipline until you have heard the full story. Don’t raise your voice over theirs.

Peacefulness in the home is a precious thing. It stems from self-control and regard for others. Encouraging your kids to affirm one another face to face on a regular basis is a great start.

Written by Sally and Brian Burgess. Brian is a School Counselor in Nashville, TN. Sally is a writer and co-founder of Forefront Families.  These are our opinions and not those of PPE.

A Message from your Principal


We are off to a great beginning at Percy Priest with 532 tigers committed to a successful school year.

It was wonderful seeing so many parents at Open House last night.

All of us at Percy Priest ES appreciate your support and welcome your involvement.

There are many ways for you to be involved at PPE and in our PTO.

Please let your room parent know if you are interested or have a special skill you would like to share with us.

A few reminders to help keep everyone safe:

  • Please wait until a PPE staff member signals for car riders to unload at 7:40 a.m.

  • Do not leave children unattended on the front porch before doors open at 7:40 a.m.

  • Never attempt to pass any car during morning arrival.

  • Please do not park on Priest Road or other neighborhood entrances during arrival and dismissal.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Your partners in education,

Mrs. Melinda Williams
Mr. Mark Mason

Invest 2017


Please Invest in your Child with Percy Priest Elementary PTO! The campaign kicks off August 11th. Please check your child's Friday folder for the flyer that contains all the details. Each child that returns the pledge card attached to the flyer on Monday, August 14th, will receive a free icee coupon and a free doughnut coupon. And there's always that coveted Climb Nashville party for the first class that returns all of their pledge cards!

All pledge cards are due by August 28th and all payments are due by November 13th. Just a reminder to send in a pledge card for each child you have at PPE.

The funds raised go directly back into the school and benefit each child at PPE. Please reach out to TJ Wolters or Lindsey Murrell at if you have any questions.

For more information or to make your pledge or contribution, please click here

Peace, Love, and Percy Priest!

Percy Priest Spirit Wear!


The 2017 Tiger Store is happy to welcome you to PPE!  We have new items available for students and adults.  If you have not seen our display for 2017 spirit wear, please find our items available on the PPE website

Please note all sport SHIRTS are SSA approved by Mrs. Williams and can be worn to school and the sport SHORTS are SSA approved for FRIDAYS ONLY.  We are running low on some inventory however, if you have placed an order or want to place an order for an item please know it will be delivered to your child’s classroom within 2 weeks

If you have any questions, please email or

Hope to see you in 2017 PPE spirit wear!

Congrats to Ms. A! TAEA Award Winner!


Congrats to Ms. A! TAEA Award Winner At PPE

"It is my great pleasure to let you know that your art educator is being honored by her professional organization, the Tennessee Art Education Association (TAEA). Tina Atkinson will be receiving the TAEA’s Art Educator of the Year Award at our October conference in Memphis!  This is the highest honor given by the organization, and I couldn’t think of someone more deserving.  I had the pleasure of serving on the board of TAEA with Tina for several years until she moved up to serve on the board of the National Art Education Association as their SE Regional Elementary Division Rep.  In addition to serving the profession through her leadership roles on the TAEA and NAEA boards, Tina has developed an innovative visual art program at Percy Priest Elementary School, developed local and digital student art shows, and served on the teacher advisory panels for local museums. Tina has served as an assessor, facilitator and lead teacher for the TN Student Growth Assessment and  has facilitated teacher workshops at the district, regional, state and national level."

Kathy Dumlao
TAEA President-Elect and 2017 Awards Chair