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A Message From Your Principal


Dear PPE families,

Thank you for making our food drive a huge success! PPE families donated 5,152 canned goods for the hungry in our community. That is 1,308 more items than last year!

The classrooms who will earn a non-SSA day for collecting the most canned goods are:

  • Kindergarten: Ms. Benson
  • 1st grade: Ms. Orth
  • 2nd grade: Ms. Strawn
  • 3rd grade: Ms. Dwight
  • 4th grade: Mrs. Cary

Students may wear non-SSA on Friday, October 20th.  The homeroom who brought in the most canned goods is Ms. Orth’s first grade class.  They will be treated with a pizza party after fall break. We want to thank Ms. Strawn and Mrs. Morrel for facilitating this year’s food drive.

For more information about Second Harvest and other ways you can get involved in fighting hunger please visit

Thank you for helping us make an impact by fighting hunger and feeding hope! 

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable fall break.  Please encourage your PPE tigers to read at least 20 minutes daily and practice math facts to increase their math fluency.

Your partners in education,

Mrs. Melinda Williams
Mr. Mark Mason

Spanish News - El Día de los Muertos


Dear Parents,

After fall break, your child will be learning about the Day of the Dead holiday which is celebrated in parts of Mexico and Latin America at the end of October through the beginning of November. We will be reading stories about the celebration, and each grade level will produce traditional artwork that is typically associated with this holiday. In addition, students will have the opportunity to taste “pan de muertos”, a special bread that is only made for the “Día de los Muertos” celebration. The students will be discovering that the Day of the Dead celebration is a jubilant and festive tradition that unties families and establishes a sense of identity. It is a time for happy memories of loved ones, not scary stories! Families make special foods and picnic at the graves of their loved ones. In this way, the festival is similar to the manner Memorial Day is celebrated in the United States. By studying the art and culture of Mexico as part of our curriculum and learning about this celebration, I hope to create an exciting cultural experience for your child. If you have any questions about the Day of the Dead celebration, please feel free to contact me at school (615-298-8416 ext.1017). Thank you for taking the time to appreciate what your child is learning and creating in Spanish class.

You can find more information about “El Día de los Muertos” at Cheekwood’s 18th annual “Día de los Muertos” celebration will be held on Saturday, October 28 from 9:00am - 5:00pm. It is fun celebration with entertainment, art activities, exhibits, vendors, food and more! Cheekwood members and youth 17 and under are admitted for free!

Lisa Trujillo
Spanish Teacher


PTO Meeting Recap and Advocacy Committee


Presentation from September PTO meeting
Thank you to all the parents and staff who joined us at September's PTO meeting.  Dr. Craig Hammond from MNPS gave a fascinating presentation on the MNPS budget, where Percy Priest falls on the MNPS renovation list and ways our parents and the PTO can work together to raise awareness of the renovation needs at Percy Priest.

If you were unable to attend the meeting but would like to review the presentation, you can find it here.  If you have questions about the presentation or the meeting, please reach out to Courtney Evans or Whitney Conyers.

Percy Priest Renovation Advocacy Committee Wants You!
Are you interested in serving with other Percy Priest parents and staff on a Percy Priest advocacy committee?  A committee is being formed to explore how parents and staff at Percy Priest can advance our school's request for a major facility renovation.  If you would like to be a part of this committee, please reach out to Katie Cameron.


TSU Football Game This Saturday


On behalf of Tennessee State University Athletics, we would like to extend an invitation to you, your students, and neighboring youth to attend our Kids Day football game during the John Merritt Classic on this Saturday, September 30th at 6:00 pm. The game will be played at Nissan Stadium and for this game only, ALL students, grades K-12 will receive FREE admission. This is a great opportunity for your students to experience a Division 1 college football game, as well as enjoy food, fun and inflatables at the TSU Tiger Town tailgate.

Important Info:

  • Seating Section for Kids/Parent: 116-121

  • Parent/Chaperone tickets are $20

  • Tiger Town Tailgate Zone is between Lot H&K

  • Kids can enter FREE through any gate entering the stadium

  • Parking is NOT FREE

PAC Orientation/Informational Session


The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is under construction. Please join other MNPS parents, in one of two orientation/informational sessions, to help build support strategies that will allow for genuine parent input on important district issues and further support effective two-way communication. If you would like to attend, please email with your name and the school(s) your child attends. 

Click here for the PAC Orientation Schedule. 


Parenting Blog: Alas The Tyrant



Now, tyrant isn’t a word we use in our everyday communications, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t tyrants around. Yes, we can quote some world rulers, dictators and such that we recognize as tyrants. What about in the home? I was asked years ago to counsel a couple whose marriage was disintegrating. I knew them as members of our church, but not as personal friends. We had been to their amazing house for a Hawaiian Luau, but that’s about it. They presented really well on the outside and you wouldn’t know anything was amiss.

Here were two quite mismatched people. I found that he was a controlling tyrant and she a wife and mother of teenagers who either had always been indulgent with her children all along, or she had taken the other extreme to counter her husband’s uncompromising behavior. Smiles didn’t come readily to him at home, only in public. I could just imagine him saying to his family, “Whatever happens inside our home stays in our home. Right? So put on a smile and go face the world.” That marriage ended.

A friend, a female this time, is a tyrant to her children and picks at them even when they are not misbehaving. I think she must have got the message somewhere along life’s journey that to be a good mother you have to be continually harassing your children. I have been to her home many times and have experienced it first-hand. My input was sought on numerous occasions, but never heeded. She has alienated her children at a very vulnerable point in their lives and has lost her marriage.

What causes a person to be a tyrant? The need for power and control is probably the greatest reason. I have noticed through my many years of observation and counseling that so often  controllers have experienced one of their parents using the same tactics and have imitated what they know. For others, everything was done for them by an indulgent parent and they never felt they had any control over anything in their lives. Suddenly they find that there is something where they can exercise power and control…their spouse and children!

Folks, it never works. Failure and misery is usually the outcome. Loss of spouse and children, or at least a very strained set of relationships ensues like a hungry wolf. It foments. It destroys. It’s pathetic and ignorant behavior. Too often I have been the one to soothe the children from these homes and give them skills for coping. I have counseled grown adults, even one in her 60s, victims of tyrannical parents. You know, the pathetic thing is that the tyrants don’t recognize or admit to being one!

We don’t own anyone. If you admit to being controlling, please seek help or just stop it. The best thing we can do is to love unconditionally and to seek the best for our spouse and children. It doesn’t mean being weak on discipline, but it does preclude ruling with an iron fist. Balance is always the best answer. It means, too, parents being on the same page with discipline. Endeavor to create a positive home environment where everybody is equally valued, one in which seeking to bring out the best in each other is your prime mission.

Written by Brian Burgess, School Counselor, Nashville TN. These are not necessarily the opinions of PPE.

A Message from your Principal


Dear PPE Families,

Join us TONIGHT, September 22nd from 5-7pm for PPE's Fabulous Family Picnic 2017.

We'll have 5 food trucks lined up, they include: S’more Love Truck, Yayo' Mexican Gourmet, Doxie Pizza Truck, Cousins Maine Lobster, and wait for it, wait for it…Kona Ice! We will also have face painting, a photo booth and of course, it wouldn’t be a party at PPE without DJ Louie!!

Here's the link for the SignUp Genius. There are a few spots left for volunteers. We'd appreciate any help you can provide:

Your partners in education,

Melinda Williams, Principal
Mark Mason, Assistant Principal

Food Drive


Percy Priest Elementary is hosting the Second Harvest Food Drive to serve those who are in need! Our food drive will begin Friday, September 29th and run through Thursday, October 5th.

Most-needed food items are:
• Canned fruit, vegetables, soup and stews
• Canned tuna or chicken
• Peanut butter
• Cereal (whole grain, low sugar)
• Pasta and rice

The class from each grade level with the most food collected will have a non-SSA day. The class with the overall largest amount collected will also win a pizza party!

Pre-order your PPE Sweatshirt!


Pre-order your PPE sweatshirt for fall now! 

In order for the Tiger Store to invest wisely, it would be helpful for us to know the size and quantity demands for these new PPE sweatshirts. 

Also, come see us at the picnic to purchase the new PPE socks and trucker hats! 

Kroger and Amazon Rewards Program


Parents: Let’s Get Involved In Helping Support PPE

Did you know that you can help support your school just by shopping where you regularly shop?? See below for information on how you can support Percy Priest by shopping at Amazon and Kroger!

Renew or Enroll in Kroger Community Rewards Today! It’s easy to continue your support of PPE every time you shop and use your Shopper’s Card. 
If you haven’t signed up yet it’s so easy to help.  Just sign up with your rewards card number and list Percy Priest Elementary School PTO as your charity – then shop all year long. 
Re-enroll now and make every shopping trip count!

Shop through Amazon Smile and every time you shop you will be supporting Percy Priest Elementary School
Just go to, you will be asked you select your charity - Percy Priest Elementary PTO - then shop, shop, shop!

And don’t forget to keep collecting your Box Tops!