Ask your first grader:

  • How many different ways can you make ten when adding?
  • What are 5 words with the short “o” sound?
  • Why is it important to vote?
  • What is a statement?
  • What is a good way to state an opinion in a sentence?

Upcoming events:

  • 10/4 – End of 1stQuarter
  • 10/7 – 10/11 – Fall Break

Upcoming skills:

  • ELA: short “e” words and sequence of events
  • Spelling Words: yes, let, red, ten, bed, get, vest, bet, wed, sled, vet, fed, led, set
  • Math: addition and subtraction within 20
  • Social Studies:Tennessee’s culture
  • Science:air and weather


We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

The 1stGrade Team