Ask your first grader:

  • Can you write a two-digit word problem?
  • What are 5 words with the “oa” vowel pair?
  • How was life different in Tennessee 50 years ago?
  • What is the difference between fact and opinion?
  • What is something you learned about Elvis Presley?

Upcoming events:

  • 2/11 – PTO Meeting (Library @ 6:30)
  • 2/14 – Valentine’s Day Class Parties
  • 2/14 – Read-A-Thon Begins

Upcoming skills:

  • ELA: compound words
  • Spelling Words: bedtime, sunset, bathtub, sailboat, flagpole, backpack, playpen, raincoat, inside, himself, basketball, football, doghouse, airplane, kickball
  • Math: telling time
  • Social Studies: then and now
  • Science: plant needs


We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

The 1st Grade Team