Ask your second grader:

  • Cephalopods are considered intelligent animals.  What are 3 reasons scientists consider them “Smart Suckers?”
  • How many feet in a yardstick?  How long is a meter stick (number of centimeters)?
  • What is one way you can measure a curved object?
  • Name one inventor we have studies and why he/she is famous?

Upcoming events:

  • No school January 15th in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Next week we will have two special visitors:  Kids on the Block (diversity) and the Belmont Repertoire Company (folktales).

 Upcoming skills:

  • ELA:  the verb “be,” the long /e/ sound for y, Author’s Purpose, suffixes –y, -ful
  • Math:  measurement, geometry
  • Science:  Culminating task:  Write an explanation in which you tell your readers how an animal’s actions demonstrate one of the categories of intelligence.
  • Social Studies: Famous Americans
  • Writing: informative writing

 Have a wonderful long weekend!
The  2nd Grade Team