Ask your second grader:

  • Why do scientists think ravens are intelligent? What have you learned about ravens after reading the article, “Brainy Birds”?
  • What is a pronoun? Give an example.
  • What is a homograph? Give an example.
  • What is the difference between standard and non-standard units of measure?
  • Why is it necessary to have a standard measurement system?
  • What measurement tool (yardstick or ruler) would you use to measure a pencil? A car?

Upcoming events/information:

  • Report cards will be issued on January 16th.
  • No School (MLK Day) – Monday, January 21st

Upcoming Skills:


  • Skill: visualizing (Visualizing what’s happening in a story as you read to increase understanding.)
  • Grammar: subject-verb agreement, antonyms
  • Phonics: long i (i, igh, ie, y)

Writing focus:  informational writing

Math: measurement (with standard and non-standard units)

Social Studies: historical thinking, economics


Have a wonderful weekend!
The 2ndGrade Team