Ask your second grader:

  • What is a volcano? How does a volcano become an island? What are the different types of volcanoes?
  • How many layers make up the Earth? Can you name each layer?
  • Where would you place the commas in the following sentence? We will need bread peanut butter jelly and a knife to make the sandwich.
  • How many faces, edges, and vertices does a cube have? A pyramid? A sphere?
  • What is a fraction?

Upcoming events:

  • Our Travellers Rest field trip is today from 10:00-12:00. All parents are welcome. If you plan to join us, please meet us at Travellers Rest around 9:45, and bring $7 (cash only) for admission. We will eat in our classrooms when we return to school. Students should wear their purple field trip t-shirt, and bring a lunch from home.
  • Progress reports will be sent home today.
  • Valentine parties will be on Thursday, February 14thfrom 1:45-2:30. Students will exchange Valentines on the day of the party. Please send a Valentine for each student in the class. Teachers will send class lists. Decorated Valentine boxes should be brought to school on the 14th. We do not have space to store the boxes, so please do not send them in before the 14th.
  • Read-a-thon is February 15-27.

Upcoming skills:

  • ELA: adjectives, words with er, main idea and details, dictionary entry
  • Math: geometry, fractions
  • Science: Volcanoes
  • Social Studies: Economics
  • Writing: informative writing (culminating task)

Have a wonderful weekend!
The  2ndGrade Team