Ask your second grader:

  • In the number 2,345, what number is in the hundreds place? The tens place?
  • What is 10 more than that number? 10 less?
  • What insect eats mallow? What is the difference between a chrysalis and an cocoon?
  • Why does the caterpillar have bristles?
  • What are the suffixes in the following words: walked, yelling?
  • What is the story of Ada’s Violin?

Upcoming events:

  • We have been reviewing lockdown, lockout, and tornado drills with your children. Training for these drills may worry our more anxious children, but we do assure them that they are safe and we are here to protect them.

Upcoming Skills:

ELA: plural nouns, common final blends (nd, ng, nk, nt, xt, mp), text and graphic features
Writing focus:  Informational Paragraph
Social Studies:  US Geography
Science:  Life Cycles/Butterflies

Have a wonderful weekend!
The 2nd Grade Team