Ask your second grader:

  • What is the main idea of our anchor text, Killer Whales? What are some details from the text that support the main idea?
  • Why are killer whales sometimes called the wolves of the sea?
  • Is a killer whale a fish? What type of animal is a killer whale?
  • What is an adjective? Give an example.
  • How much money do you have if there are three dimes, four nickels, and three pennies in your wallet?
  • Can you make 20 cents using three coins? Can you make 40 cents using 14 coins?

Upcoming events:

  • We hope to see you at the Auction on Saturday evening!
  • We appreciate all of the Gentry’s Farm field trip chaperones! It was a great day!
  • April 17this the 2ndgrade street painting event. Students should wear older SSA because they will get dirty. Pants are preferred because the children will be kneeling/sitting on the sidewalk the whole time. Sunscreen and hats are also recommended (please apply sunscreen before school). A Sign-Up Genius for supplies and volunteers was sent out.
  • Progress reports will be sent home on April 18th.
  • There is no school on April 19th.

Upcoming skills:

  • ELA: fact and opinion, monitor and clarify, text and graphic features, words with oo (as in book)
  • Math:Time, Money
  • Social Studies: Tennessee
  • Science:Forces and Interactions, Marine Mammals

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

The  2ndGrade Team