Ask your second grader:

  • What is motion?
  • What happens when forces are balanced (think about you sitting back to back with another person)?
  • How does the “scale” help you when reading a graph?
  • What was their favorite song from the 4th Grade Music Program?

Upcoming events:

  • Please help stop the summer slide and enroll your child in Xtramath at  Each practice is no longer than 5 minutes and daily practice will greatly increase your child’s math fluency!
  • Has your child talked with you about the Epic app?  Epic is a great resource for online books that we use daily in class.  You are able to subscribe to the program from home (  This program would be a great summer resource for reading!
  • A reminder that the Bookmobile will be here Wednesday and that you can pre-purchase books from the summer reading list.

We look forward to celebrating the year with these wonderful students next week!

The  2nd Grade Team