Ask your second grader:

  • What is an action verb? Give an example.
  • What is the main idea of the informational text, Super Storms? What are some key details that support the main idea?
  • What is the nines fact strategy? Solve these addition facts using the nines fact strategy: 9+6, 9+4, 9+8.
  • What are some other addition strategies you’ve learned?
  • What is a continent? What countries are part of North America?

Upcoming events:

  • If you are able, please send in non-perishable food items for the Second Harvest Food Drive. It ends on October 11th.
  • There will be no homework next week due to the fact that it’s a short week with no school on Friday, October 12th and fall break the following week. There will not be a spelling test on Friday, but we will do a cumulative spelling review in class.
  • The 1st quarter ends today, October 5th.
  • Walk to School Day is October 10th.
  • Fall break is October 15th-19th.

Upcoming Skills:

  • ELA:  review of first quarter skills, culminating task (writing a narrative essay), cumulative spelling review
  • Writing focus:  narrative essay
  • Math: addition and subtraction without regrouping (teaching addition and subtraction strategies, decomposition method, vertical algorithm)
  • Social Studies:  US Geography
  • Science:  Life Cycles

Have a wonderful weekend!
The 2nd Grade Team