Ask your 2nd grader:
-How would you describe Ada in Ada’s Violin? Why? What made her special? How did she help her community?
-What number is 100 less than 382? How did you know?
-What is our address and emergency phone number? (all students must know)
-Why is it important to edit or check your work?
-How can we use maps to help us?

Upcoming events:
-homework is due each Monday
-We will be starting our addition and subtraction unit with large numbers. Please continue to practice and review math facts at home with your child to help them be successful in this unit:)

Upcoming skills:
-Empathy and critical thinking
-Double consonants and ck
-Proper nouns
-Understanding character
-Explanatory writing
-Addition and Subtraction with large numbers

Have a wonderful weekend!

The 2nd Grade Team