Hello families!

Thank you to those of you who could attend Open House.  It was great getting to meet you all again and talk about the fun year ahead.  If you were unable to attend, please see the packet in your child’s Friday Folder.

Next Wednesday, August 21st, is Picture Day.  This is an SSA (Standard School Attire) Day.

Here is what we’ll be up to next week:

ELA: Last week read lots of texts about people who have overcome challenges.  Hopefully your child shared some of these inspirational stories with you.  This week we are working on our “culminating writing task”.  Your child will be asked to write from the perspective of one of the characters/historical figures from our texts.  They will be asked to explain, in their “own” words, how they overcame challenges or obstacles.  We will also begin Spelling next week.  Your child will be testing on their spelling words every Friday.  In grammar, we will be discussing nouns of all forms!  We’ll also touch on prefixes; specifically the “not” prefixes! Finally, we are also completing your child’s TLA (Text-Level Assessments) throughout the week.  Whew.

MATH: In math this week we will round out rounding.  😉 We’ll finish up rounding with some fun tasks.  We will also begin a review of addition and subtraction from second grade.  Please be sure to be practicing math facts at home with your child.  Fact fluency is key to success with multiplication and division later down the road!

SOCIAL STUDIES: This week in Social Studies we will be exploring maps of all kinds.  We’ll talk about hemispheres, latitude, longitude, the poles, the equator, prime meridian, and time zones.  We’ll also explore different kinds of maps such as political maps, physical maps, population maps, resource maps and climate maps.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!