Dear PPE Families,

We had an eventful week in Metro Nashville Public Schools this week.  Students experienced a late “snow day” that wasn’t and a regular day with snow and freezing temperatures.

Thankfully, everyone who came to school arrived safe, and most were on time.   Your patience during arrival and dismissal on both days was very much appreciated.

We also understand there are some concerns about whether students who missed school on Wednesday will receive an excused absence.

When school is in session, Tennessee state compulsory attendance laws govern all student absences.  Please carefully read the information Dr. Joseph shared with MNPS families on Wednesday.

  • If a student is absent the parent is required to provide a written notice to excuse the absence.
  • A parent may excuse student absences of up to three (3) consecutive days without a doctor’s note. (After three, a physician’s note is required.)
  • This practice should be adhered to even in situations in which the bus did not show up or other factors prevented the student from attending school.
  • Principals do have the authority to excuse absences for an individual student on a case-by-case basis, as long as the principal can provide a clear rationale to justify excusing the absence.
  • School staff do not have the authority to excuse all student absences due to weather-related incidents on days that school is in session.

If your child missed school on Wednesday due to the inclement morning weather, PPE administration must receive a letter from you explaining why your child was not able to attend school or arrive later in the day.  These letters must be received by Monday, February 4, 2019.  Thank you in advance.

As a reminder, if you need to change afternoon dismissal plans for your child, please email your child’s teacher along with the PPE front office staff……,, and This will help ensure your child receives the information needed re: his/her dismissal.

Safety is a priority at Percy Priest.  Remember, TN state law prohibits cell phone use in a school zone while driving.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Your partners in education,

Mrs. Melinda Williams, Principal
Mr. Mark Mason, Assistant Principal