Dear Families,
You may have heard a friend say their child has challenges with executive function and ask yourself….what is she talking about? Executive function is a set of skills that help children make plans, control behavior, and set goals. It allows a child to focus on an activity, remember details, and manage time—all critical tasks for success in school. This month’s Report to Parents, “Executive Function FAQs,” will help you learn about your children’s executive function skills, and how to strengthen and manage them at home.
A few car rider reminders for arrival and dismissal:
  • Your little tiger(s) should be ready to unload on the right side of your vehicle once you have put it in park.
  • Never pass/pull around a vehicle in the car rider line. Please remind everyone who may transport your children to school.
  • During dismissal, please stand and wait for your children to come to your automobile before leaving your car to retrieve your little ones.
  • If your child has difficulty seeing you, please hold up a sign or a flag he/she will recognize.
  • For our youngest tigers, please make sure they know your family’s car rider number.
Looking for a part-time or full-time job working at PPE?  We may have  just what you are looking for.  The Tiger Café’ is hiring!  If you love to cook and can work four hours each day, then  please apply online at the MNPS website @,  search “working in MNPS” with Food Services.  We are also hiring a paraprofessional who will work with students,  classroom teachers and Mrs. Beeman, our Exceptional Education teacher.  For more information about this position, please read the job description online at


Your partner in education,
Mrs. Melinda Williams