Hello Percy Priest families!

I wanted to take a moment to reach out to everyone following Dr. Battle’s email and the family decision survey that was sent out earlier this week.  I have received several questions and wanted to provide everyone with additional information related to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Please remember that the survey needs to be submitted for each child by September 15, 2020.  The link to complete the survey should have been emailed to you, but you can also access the survey and some answers to frequently asked questions at the district level at the link below.

Family Decision Survey Page

Question:  What will the in-person environment look like and what safety precautions will be in place?

Plans are ever-evolving as we receive additional information and guidance from the district, as well as approval based on circumstances that are unique to our individual buildings.  Here are some of the things we are planning on for in-person school:

  • Students and staff will wear masks throughout the day.
  • School hallways will have directional paw print floor decals that will be spread out to remind students to give others space as they move throughout the building.
  • Arrival and dismissal will be re-organized to limit large gatherings / grouping of students
  • Classroom spaces will be organized to maximize social distancing. It may not be possible in every classroom scenario for students to remain 6 feet apart, but in classrooms with desks, student desks will be separated as much as possible and organized facing the same direction (instead of in groups).  In classrooms with tables (kindergarten), clear table dividers will be utilized. 
  • Transitions within the school will be limited and coordinated. Details related to use of the cafeteria and traveling to special area classes will not be able to be determined until we know the number of in-person vs. virtual students.  At most, the cafeteria would operate at half capacity, with students rotating between having lunch in the cafeteria on certain days and in the classroom on certain days.
  • If an area is commonly used by more than one group within a day (example: cafeteria) the schedule will be adjusted to provide appropriate time for disinfecting the area prior to a new group arriving.
  • When students do exhibit symptoms there will be a separate quarantine space in the building where students can wait to be picked up from school. There will also be an identified alternate learning space in the school for a class to relocate to in the event that their classroom needs additional cleaning / disinfecting. 

Question:  Will our decision impact our student’s assigned teacher(s)?

Unfortunately there is no way for us to know how teacher assignments may be impacted until we have the results from the parent decision survey.  The district has said that they do not want teachers to have both in-person and virtual students simultaneously.  This means that the number of families who select in-person vs. virtual will be used to determine our staffing decisions for teachers working with in-person students or virtual students.  As a result, your teacher assignment could change with either selection.  I know this adds an additional complication to your decision as families.  If there are changes that occur, please know that we will work to make sure families have this information as soon in advance as possible. 

Question:  Will the virtual schedule look the same as it does now?

There may be some changes to the times at which synchronous opportunities are available, but the overall amount of time for synchronous learning opportunities on a daily basis should remain the same. 

Question:  Can I change my decision?

The decision can be changed up until the September 15th deadline, but at that point the decision will not be able to be re-visited until December.  The district is encouraging families to think about this decision in terms of the school year because schools will most likely not have the flexibility to make programmatic adjustments during the year. 

We are hopeful this information will help you complete the survey that was sent by Dr. Battle.  Please remember that our top priority, whether in-person or virtual, will always be the safety of our students.

Please also understand that plans will continue to be adjusted and changed based on guidance from the district and responses to the survey.  We will continue to keep you posted as we hear more information.

Please do your best to answer with your plan and complete the survey by Tuesday, September 15th.  Please also do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can answer to help with your decision.  Additionally, I will continue to hold check-in sessions next week for families who would like to attend.  Based on the Tuesday deadline, I will be moving next week’s sessions to Monday & Tuesday at 11:00 & 11:30 as well as Monday night at 7PM.  You can sign up using the Percy Priest Bookings link.

Thank you all for your patience and continued support of our school.
Dr. Young