Dear Parents,

The importance of writing in elementary school continues to be at the forefront of teachers’ minds, as English and language arts skills are necessary to function in middle school, high school, college and the workplace. Practicing good grammar is a part of this fundamental skill; teachers make it fun by incorporating grammar activities into their elementary classrooms.  But, what can parents do to encourage children to write? Read this edition of ‘Report to Parents’ to learn how  you can help at home. 

We are down to the final week before our biggest party of 2019!  Online bidding for many items begins tonight!  While you are online checking out the camps, teacher outings, etc., do not forget to purchase your tickets to our Spring Auction at Richland Country Club.  #SupportPercyPriest

Please join me in congratulating and celebrating our very own Miss Emmie Stuart who has been chosen as the MNPS Elementary School Librarian of the Year! Well-deserved, Miss Stuart!

Your partner in education,

Melinda Williams