Dear Families,

Please join the Percy Priest ES faculty and staff as we extend our condolences to Mrs.Kinnard on the loss of her brother, Joe Carver, Jr. Mr. Carver passed away Tuesday evening after a battle with cancer.

Where did the second recess go?

The revisions to Science and Social Studies instruction no longer being completely integrated in ELA and math lead to 25 minutes of Science instruction daily AND 25 minutes of Social Studies instruction daily. Thus, leaving no time for the second recess in our schedule.

The extra recess had been a “gift” to our students because 1) we know students can benefit from unstructured free play and 2) teachers could integrate Science and Social Studies in the ELA and math blocks. That is no longer the case. The state mandate is 15 minutes minimum….we were able to put 20 minutes of recess in our master schedule. Any changes made to the minimum requirement must come from our elected officials. The current Physical Activity requirement by the TN DOE states:

Physical Activity

  • 15 minutes daily
  • The physical activity law requires a minimum of 130 minutes per week, with at least 15 minutes per day. As long as students get 60 minutes of Physical Education per week through the related arts schedule, combined with the daily 15-minute recess, the physical activity requirements are met. (*The state is considering dropping this to 45 minutes once a week stand by for news.)

PPE students receive 120 minutes of Physical Education weekly, plus 15 minutes per day of recess.

Your partner in education,
Mrs. Melinda Williams