Dear Percy Priest Families,

Did you know you may have FREE MONEY for our school at home in your pantry or freezer or even at your office?

Last year, we raised $1200 for the school! Best of all, it is a really easy way to give to the school and you can include other members of your family or your office in the collection process.

So when your family buys office supplies, paper products, personal care items, snacks, cereal and frozen foods, please be on the lookout for the pink BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION COUPON. Throwing them away is like throwing away cash!!

Just check your bags, boxes and wrappers before tossing empty containers in the recycle/trash bin. Clip the pink coupons and send them to your child’s class.

Classes will compete to see who can collect the most box tops and the winning class will receive an ice cream sundae party!

Please take an extra minute to clip-clip. You are helping make a difference at Percy Priest!!

For more information go to–

Please see attached sheet. Have your child COLLECT, PASTE, and RETURN. Additional box tops can be put in a Ziploc bag and stapled to the collection sheet.   We appreciate your support!