2nd Grade News: 12/4


Week of December 7-December 11 ELA: Biographies Problem/Solution Compound Words Adverbs Narrative Writing Math: Decomposing numbers in addition and subtraction problems Subtracting 3-digit numbers Science: We will review energy in its different forms and take our energy assessment. Social Studies: We will distinguish between primary and secondary sources. Please let [...]

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2nd Grade News: 11/13


Week of November 16-November 20 ELA: Biographies Adjectives Words with -ee and -ea Narrative Writing Math: Adding numbers in any order to achieve the same sum. Adding 3-digit numbers Addition with regrouping Science: We will learn more about sound energy this week. Social Studies: We will describe periods of time with [...]

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2nd Grade News: 11/6


Week of November 9-November 13 ELA: Author’s Purpose Prefixes and Suffixes Words with -ai and -ay Informative writing Math: Adding numbers in any order to achieve the same sum. Adding 3-digit numbers Science: We will begin discussing energy in its different forms and dive deeper into heat energy this week. [...]

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2nd Grade News: 10/30


ELA:   Common and Proper Nouns Nonfiction Text features Plurals adding “-s” and “-es” Math:  Partition shapes into equal sized pieces.  Fluently add and subtract within 20. Science: We will take our assessment on sound.  We know that sound is made from vibrations that can be seen and felt. Sounds can [...]

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Weekend Lunches


We were made aware that we will be providing weekend meals for students who would need / want them.  These meals will go home with students every Friday afternoon starting today.  We need to know a count of how many students from your class would need / want these meals.  [...]

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Reminder: 2nd Grade Tie Dye Event on Monday!


Tie Dye Back to School Event: To create a fun, yet safe gathering to get excited for school, the PTO has planned a Tie Dye event for all PPE K-2 children on Monday, October 12th.  Please make sure to arrive at your designated timeslot.  Masks will be required.  Parents with [...]

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2nd Grade News: 9/25


Week of September 28th-October 1st (Week 9) ELA: Describe how words and phrases (e.g., regular beats, alliteration, rhyming words, repetition, rhyme pattern) supply meaning in a poem. Identify the subject and predicate in a sentence. Long o words Math: Adding two-digit numbers using a hundreds chart Subtracting two-digit numbers using [...]

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2nd Grade News: 9/18


Week of September 21st-September 25th (Week 8) ELA: Main Idea and Details in informational/nonfiction texts Irregular Plural Verbs Consonant Digraphs (ch, sh, th, wh) Math: Skip counting with tens and ones Adding and subtracting with an open number line Adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers Science: We will study different types [...]

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