2nd Grade News

2nd Grade News: October 12th


Ask your second grader: What is a narrative? Explain how you write a narrative from another character’s point of view (Antonio from Those Shoes). How do you decompose these addition problems? 45 + 3 45 + 32 How did Christopher Columbus impact history (both positively and negatively)? Upcoming events: The first 9 week period ended today. Report cards will go home on the Tuesday we return (23rd). Picture retakes will be October 24th. The Harvest Party will be October 31st, 2:00-2:45. Upcoming Skills: ELA:  Collective nouns, words with ending -ed and -ing , main topic and key details, context clues Writing [...]

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2nd Grade News: October 5


Ask your second grader: What is an action verb? Give an example. What is the main idea of the informational text, Super Storms? What are some key details that support the main idea? What is the nines fact strategy? Solve these addition facts using the nines fact strategy: 9+6, 9+4, 9+8. What are some other addition strategies you’ve learned? What is a continent? What countries are part of North America? Upcoming events: If you are able, please send in non-perishable food items for the Second Harvest Food Drive. It ends on October 11th. There will be no homework next week due [...]

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2nd Grade News: 9/28


Ask your second grader: What is the difference between a proper noun and a common noun? Can you give an example of each? What are the stages of a butterfly’s life cycle? Who are the characters in The Ugly Vegetables? How does the main character change in the story? What is a homophone? Can you give an example? Give the doubles facts for numbers 1-10. Upcoming events: The 1st quarter ends Friday, October 5th Walk to School Day is October 10th No school on October 12th (teacher professional development day) Upcoming Skills: ELA:  verbs, words with th, sh, wh, ch, main [...]

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2nd Grade News: 9/21


Ask your second grader: Can you order these numbers from greatest to least: 2,368, 2,256, 1,690, 3,284? Least to greatest? What is the difference between a caterpillar’s prolegs and true legs? Why must a caterpillar molt in order to grow? How does molting happen? What did you learn about the United States Constitution? What are the prefixes in the following words: reread, disappear, unfriendly? What are some text features you might see in a non-fiction book? What is the purpose of those text features? How did the main character change in One Green Apple? Upcoming events: No School (Professional Development for [...]

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2nd Grade News: 9/14


Ask your second grader: In the number 2,345, what number is in the hundreds place? The tens place? What is 10 more than that number? 10 less? What insect eats mallow? What is the difference between a chrysalis and an cocoon? Why does the caterpillar have bristles? What are the suffixes in the following words: walked, yelling? What is the story of Ada’s Violin? Upcoming events: We have been reviewing lockdown, lockout, and tornado drills with your children. Training for these drills may worry our more anxious children, but we do assure them that they are safe and we are here [...]

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2nd Grade News: 9/7


Ask your second grader: What is a noun? In the sentence, “I swam at the pool,” what is the noun? What is cause and effect? Give an example of a cause and effect event from the story, Diary of a Spider. What are context clues? How do they help you when you’re reading? What are some different ways to show the number 23? Is it odd or even? Upcoming events: The Family Picnic is tonight from 5:00-7:00. We hope to see you there! Progress reports go home today. Please remember the first few weeks of school have been spent establishing rules, [...]

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2nd Grade News: 8/31


Ask your 2nd grader: What did Isatou Ceesay and the recycling women of Gambia do to make a change in their world? Think of ways you and your family are helping to reduce, reuse, and/or recycle plastics. What was the author’s purpose in the story Dogs from our Journeys textbook? What does P.I.E. help you to remember about author’s purpose (hint: for what does each letter stand?)? What is the subject of a sentence? The predicate?  In the sentence “Tom ate the pizza,” what is the subject and what is the predicate? What is your favorite part of Guided Math? Can [...]

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Builders Club – Few Spots Left


Builders Club! ~  Legos, Keva Planks, Magnatiles, Lincoln Logs, blocks, unifix cubes, pattern blocks, and more!!!! Fall Session with Ms.Faison & Ms.Wall begins soon! 10 Sessions: THURSDAYS: Sept. 6 ~ Nov. 29 *mark your calendar WHERE? Kindergarten Hall: Ms. Faison /Ms. Wall’s classrooms WHEN?  10 Sessions/Thursdays from Dismissal-4:00 (Sept. 6, 13, 20, 27       Oct. 4, 25     Nov. 1, 8, 15, 29) PICK UP?  4:00  Sidewalk near the front porch COST? $150 for 10 sessions (checks payable to Laura Faison, please) FILLED with problem solving, imagination, self-expression, mathematics, spatial sense and motor abilities, creativity, and social and emotional growth *snack provided. [...]

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2nd Grade News: 8/24


Ask your 2nd grader: What is a subject? What is a predicate? Where is a glossary located in a non-fiction text? How is it arranged? To compare and contrast yourself and a new friend in your class. Reminder: There is no school on Friday, August 31st or Monday, September 3rd. Please remember to pay your online school supply fee at: www.osp.osmsinc.com/Nashville Upcoming Skills: Reading/Language Arts:  author’s purpose, types of sentences, multiple-meaning words, long vowels a and i, sounds for c, narrative writing Math: place value, number sense Science: butterflies

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STEAM Club – Spots Still Available


There are spots still available in our STEAM Club. Join now! What: STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. STEAM Education provides students with hands-on experience that can be used with real-world applications. STEAM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, fosters collaboration and enables the next generation of innovators. Students will participate in activities such as building bridges, constructing towers, designing new products and improving existing products. Students from last year are encouraged to sign up as well as new students. There is a $210 registration/materials fee for Tuesdays and a $210 registration materials fee for Thursdays. Click [...]

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