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Mr. Bond Science Club


Mr. Bond is going to offer a Science Club at PPE this spring (every Thursday from March 21 - May 9th) for grades 1st thru 4th. See the attached PDF flyer and the link below so register directly on his website if interested.  Sounds like a fun club! https://www.mrbondscienceguy.com/science-camps-posts/2018/1/16/science-clubs

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2nd Grade News: 1/18


Ask your second grader: Cephalopods are considered intelligent animals.  What are 3 reasons scientists consider them “Smart Suckers?” How many feet in a yardstick?  How long is a meter stick (number of centimeters)? What is one way you can measure a curved object? Name one inventor we have studies and [...]

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2nd Grade News


Ask your second grader: Why do scientists think ravens are intelligent? What have you learned about ravens after reading the article, “Brainy Birds”? What is a pronoun? Give an example. What is a homograph? Give an example. What is the difference between standard and non-standard units of measure? Why is [...]

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2nd Grade News!


Ask your second grader: What is an inference? Who was the subject of the biography you read this week? Tell three things you learned about that person. What is an abbreviation? What is the abbreviation for January? Doctor? Avenue? What is a compound word? Give an example. What is pitch? [...]

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2nd Grade News!


Ask your 2nd grader: What is a biography?  What is the author’s purpose for writing a biography? Name 3 things you learned about Helen Keller. When should you use a capital letter? Have you practiced your fact fluency with xtramath?  What is your goal? What is a sound wave? Why can’t you hear [...]

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