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Forever Fun in the Family


I absolutely love creating positive memories for others. Throughout my life I have had so much fun. I cannot remember having uproarious fun in our family life when I was growing up. We were poor, without a vehicle, phone or TV, but we were happy and very much loved. I [...]

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When Kids Use Violence


Have you ever wondered where the violent outburst came from when your child displayed it without provocation, or so it seemed? Our son was usually so placid until ‘out of the blue’ came this growling like an animal and then a snap. Such children let their feelings build up until [...]

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By Brian Burgess, School Counselor, PPE On Tuesday night I spoke about bullying following a request from our PTO leadership. There were a good number of parents in attendance, but they only represented about one fifteenth of our school population. I felt that the content shared needed to be available [...]


Making the Most of Breaks and Family Vacations


It’s stimulating to come back to school and hear the children excitedly talk about what they did during Fall Break. Some travelled out of the country. Some stayed around Nashville and some visited other states. It really doesn’t matter how far they went or what money was spent. It was [...]

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Redeeming Time


In our super-busy lives we have often imposed upon ourselves, we want to take every opportunity to catch up with work-related matters and keep up with social media. After all, we’re redeeming time and not wasting a second! Sometimes we forget that doing this in certain situations may not be [...]

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Kindness Never Fails


Time and time again school counselors have to deal with students’ inability to relate to others. “Julia has been really mean. She keeps making fun of me, calling me names and getting others to laugh at me. During the later elementary school years, into middle school and even beyond, students [...]

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Do You Have a Bed Wetter in the Family?


If there’s one thing that causes parents of young children consternation, it’s bed wetting. I must have got my parents ticked a lot because they had to deal with my lapses for years! Did I do it on purpose? I wasn’t conscious enough in the middle of the night to [...]

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Parenting Tip #15


THE IMPORTANCE OF SPENDING QUALITY AND QUANTITY TIME WITH YOUR KIDS For many years the trend was all about spending a good quantity of time with your children. Then a couple of decades ago it all changed to fit our busy life schedules. The catch-cry then became, “It’s not the [...]

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Learning to Say No to Your Child


In a recent set of lessons I did with over 100 4th graders, I was interested to find out what the students felt about a number of issues. So as not to be influenced by others I had them close their eyes and respond to this question, “Raise your hand [...]

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When Kids Tell Lies


What a shock it is for most parents when they find their child is lying to them! When you finally come back to earth in a molten heap whimpering, “My child lied to me!” you then realize that you have some work to do. After raising my kids I learned [...]

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