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ENHANCING READING IN YOUR HOME Studies have shown that when your child spends more than 10 hours watching television a week , they will do worse in reading than those whose parents place a time limit on their viewing. Of course, the same is true for those students playing video games or those who are engaged in non-educational computer time. It’s the same for your older children who want to be on Facebook or be texting their friends at every opportunity. I have some suggestions: Establish a one hour reading period one evening a week or during the weekend where everyone [...]

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Parenting Tip #11


THE EXCITEMENT OF READING Were you one of those kids that as soon as your parents left your room at night you got out your flashlight and tried to read your book under the bed covers? Exciting wasn’t it? To get a book you can’t put down is very memorable. I remember a series called ‘Biggles’. He had been a World War 2 pilot and he flew in some really exciting adventures after that. As an adult I read ‘Grapes of Wrath’ by John Steinbeck and ‘Black Like Me’ by John Howard Griffin. I found the books so hard to put [...]

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