INVEST is Percy Priest Elementary School’s primary fundraiser effort of the year. The funds raised from INVEST are vital to the success of our students – especially as we face new challenges in supporting our students, teachers and family during the COVID-19 crisis.

Each year, the INVEST campaign raises money to directly support our teachers and students.  The INVEST dollars raised this year will cover:

  • The salaries for six interventionists and enrichment teachers that work one-on-one with students who need additional support, allowing Tiger Time groups (focused learning time based on skill levels) to be smaller and more effective. When school starts, they will work to help bridge any gaps that may have developed from last school year to this school year.
  • Additional Professional development for our teachers and staff
  • Additional supplies and needs for our related arts teachers (art, Spanish, music, technology, and PE)

Your past donations to INVEST are really paying off this year! Over the past few years, the PTO has used INVEST dollars to purchase new laptops to supplement the limited supply offered by MNPS. Because of our past INVEST campaigns, we will be able to support the technology needs of our students at the start of school!

Every dollar we raise will go directly to support PPE students and teachers. Every dollar counts! And, with the uncertainty of COVID-19 and how it may impact other events we typically host to help raise money for PPE, this year’s INVEST campaign is critically important. This year, we need to raise $140,000 to support PPE

Please consider INVESTing in your child’s education and future. PPE parents are encouraged to contribute $350 per student. Especially during this uncertain time, we understand that every family’s situation is unique, so any dollar amount is appreciated.

This year, we are making it easy to give. Coming soon, we will launch a website where you can enter your gift or make a pledge for a future gift.

 If you have any questions, please reach out to the INVEST Co-Chairs, Nicole Provonchee at and Lindsey Murrell at