Dear Parents,
It was another busy week in kindergarten! We finished our Community Helpers unit with a visit from the firefighters of station 20. The students learned about fire safety, the gear fire fighters wear to stay safe, and the equipment they use to put out fires. The children really enjoyed touring the fire engine!
In guidance, Mrs. Twitchel played a game using Kelso’s choices to help children understand how to solve little problems. She also had the kiddos practice mindful breathing and mindful listening. Both techniques teach us how to have calm brains and calm bodies.
Here’s what is coming up in kindergarten… (after fall break)  😀
Anchor Text: What’s Alive?
How are living things and non-living things different from one another?
~Ask and answer questions about the text to distinguish between living and nonliving things
~Identify key details from the text that explain the characteristics of living things
~Heart Words (Lists 1 & 2)
~Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities (0-9)
~Students will identify their five senses and observe using their senses in the everyday world
Problem Solving
The Food Drive will begin Monday, October 14th (the day we get back from Fall Break) and will end Friday, October 25th. This means we have 9 school days to collect as many items as possible for our community.

The most needed items are:
Peanut Butter
Canned meat (chicken or tuna)
Canned vegetables
Canned fruits
  • October 7th-11th– Fall Break, No School
  • October 14th-25th- Second Harvest Food Drive
  • October 18th– Professional Development, No School
  • October 22nd– Report Cards Issued
  • October 25th- Last day of food drive
  • October 31st- Harvest Carnival (more info to come)
Thanks for ALL you do! Have a wonderful fall break!
 ❤️ K Teachers