Last Call: Send in SSA to UniCycle! Make More Space in Closets for Swimsuits!

Just three-and-a-half days of school next week – and fourth graders are SSA-free if they are participating in Spirit Week themed gear – so please get all of your “outgrown, not worn out” SSA out of the house for the summer (yay!) and send it in to the UniCycle basket in the lobby next week! We’ll be there every day to collect and sort so things don’t get out of hand – our PPE parents can fill that basket multiple times a day, so we are prepared!

Parents, UniCycle had a super successful year, and, as usual, Percy Priest parents came through with so, so many donations that we certainly led the pack of participating schools (which total more than 50!). In case you’ve forgotten or don’t know these key successes for our program, which you support with your donations and Mrs. Williams and the school support with our portable building that provides sorting, storage and distribution space:

  • We distributed nearly 13,000 items of SSA this school year from our sweet little Percy Priest portable – approximately 3,000 items to students in the Homeless Education Resource Office (HERO) program, and more than 9,000 to stock closets to serve any student in need at our UniCycle schools
  • We have created a network of more than 50 MNPS schools and several private schools who all collect school uniform items, use what they need, and send us the rest to redistribute to schools that need more than they collect OR direct to students in the HERO program
  • In large part due to UniCycle providing SSA to students and reducing their clothing budget, the HERO office was able to hire a new staff member who focuses mostly on transportation for the 3-4,000 MNPS students who are homeless during the school year. Transportation is a key part of keeping students who are experiencing homelessness AT school and in the SAME school. It’s a big deal – if you’re living in a shelter, moving from hotel to hotel or couch to couch, being able to show up to the same teacher and class all year (in clothing that looks like everyone else’s) can be a game changer.

So – THANK YOU! Looking forward to even more success next year. We plan to add some “special request” items to our collections some months starting in the Fall – things like deodorant, new underwear and socks, feminine hygiene products and other essentials that students need and I think we can handle for them, giving them even more peace of mind and giving the social workers, school counselors and other staff who support them more time to focus on the bigger issues at hand.

Again, thanks for a great year!

Jami Oakley and the UniCycle team