It’s stimulating to come back to school and hear the children excitedly talk about what they did during Fall Break. Some travelled out of the country. Some stayed around Nashville and some visited other states. It really doesn’t matter how far they went or what money was spent. It was time with you they loved. I trust that you had fun with your children last week.

I often think back to the time when my kids were young. It was memories that were being built up, precious memories. It’s great when you hear your adult children speak with fervor about ‘the time when…’. Oh, how our daughter raved on about the times we used to entertain at motor camps and tourist spots with our dance band! I can remember when for the first time, at 10 years of age, she took the stage. Crowds gathered to listen to the very talented young songbird do a few songs during the gig. Not only did she entertain people, she built up amazing memories and states, at nearly 41 years old, that she would still love to do it all over again. Our son, now 43, pines over the times we went camping at the beach and remembers the fun we had climbing trees, go-karting, off-road motorcycling and kayaking.

Time flies by like a jet airliner and our kids are adults or leave home before you can blink, or so it seems on looking back. My encouragement to you is to use every opportunity you have to set the scene for elaborate memories to be formed. It is not necessary to spend a whole lot of money. Sometimes it’s the simple things that my kids remember the most.

Creating memories does not have to be tied to vacations. Memories can be built at any time. It’s the ‘YOU’ time that forms those. Sometimes it may mean planning activities, while at other times you may let spontaneity take its course. The main thing is to be mindful and intentional about your children being exposed to positive, natural experiences that will flood their memories and cause endorphins to flow.

Have a great week.

Written by Brian Burgess, School Counselor, PPE.