1st Grade News: 10/2

**NO School – There is no school tomorrow or Monday, Oct. 12.  Teachers will use these days to prepare for the 2nd Quarter.
**Masks – Mask must be worn at all times.  Please pack extra masks in a zip-loc bag and put them in your child’s backpack for your child to use in case he/she needs a clean one.
**Breakfast and Lunch – Breakfast and lunch are free.
**Half Days – Tuesday, Oct. 13 and Wednesday, Oct. 14 will be half days for in-person and virtual .  Brunch will be served on Tuesday and Wednesday.  If your child does not want school brunch, please pack a snack for him/her to eat at brunch time. We will dismiss at 11:30. Please make sure your child knows how he/she will be going home.  All children will be dismissed from the classroom.
**In-Person Learning – Your child should bring all the supplies listed in the attachment.  If you ordered supplies and left them here at school, your child just needs to bring. . .
  • towel
  • backpack
  • headphones
  • 2 composition journals (Please send the math journal on Tuesday.)
  • all workbooks
Supplies can be brought to school on the two half days. Please see attached list. 
**Snack – We will eat a morning snack each day.  Please pack a healthy snack for your child.

**Water Bottles – If your child wants to bring a water bottle to school, it must have a pop top.  Please do not send water bottles with screw tops.

**Lunch – We will eat lunch in the room or outside each day.  Please make sure to pack all utensils your child might need and items your child can open by him/herself.
We hope you all have a safe and restful fall break!
The First Grade Team
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