1st Grade News: 10/23

 Ask your first grader. . .
  • what 2 letters make a long e sound.  (ee)  Ask him/her to give you 2 long e words.
  • what the 3 sections of Tennessee are called.  (The Three Grand Divisions)
  • what part of TN do we live in. (Middle)
  • what he/she learned about Memphis, TN.
  • why the roots are important to a plant.
  • what strategy he/she would use to solve 8+9.
  • 3 doubles math facts he/she knows.  (ex. 4+4=8; 7+7=14; etc.)
**NO SCHOOL – Friday, Oct. 23 (today) – Parent/Teacher Conference Day
                              Tuesday, Nov. 3 – Election Day
**Free – Breakfast and lunch are free.  If you pack a lunch for your child, please provide utensils and napkins.  We are not going to the lunchroom for these things.  Your child should be able to open the things you pack in his/her lunchbox.
**Water Bottles – Please send a full water bottle (with a flip top) to school with your child.  The children are not allowed to use the water fountains.
**Snack – Please send a snack each day for your child to eat in the afternoon.
**Mock Election – Percy Priest students will participate in a mock presidential election sponsored by the Tennessee Secretary of State’s office on Monday, October 26, 2020.  Students will vote in their classrooms.  A copy of the ballot is in the Friday Folder.  If you do not want your child to participate, please let your child’s homeroom teacher know.  Please contact first grade teacher Christie Brumleve ( with any questions.

**INVEST – GIVING IS EASY! Simply click here to go our campaign page and scroll down to the Make a Pledge button. Click the button and select the option that is best for your family. We are asking for all pledges to be paid in November.

Thank you for your support of PPE!

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