1st Grade News: 2/5

Ask your first grader . . .

  • What are some examples of our culture? (language, food, music, and sports)
  • to retell the story of Brave Irene.
  • What is a synonym for . . . brave, good, dirty, and pretty?
  • How much do 10 tens equal ? How much does 53 ones equal?
  • How many digits are in the number 103?
**Monday, Feb. 8 is an asynchronous day of learning. The children will not meet with their teachers. Please login to Schoology so your child will be counted present. Check each folder for your child’s assignments.
**We will have our Valentine’s Day party on Friday, Feb. 12. Please send your child’s Valentine’s cards and decorate bag to school at your teacher’s designated time. If you need a class list, please contact your teacher.
**The children do not have school on Monday, Feb. 15. That is a teacher
in-service/planning day.
**Please pack a sweater or sweatshirt/hoodie for your child to wear in the classroom. We will be keeping the windows cracked to keep the air circulating through the classroom. Please write your child’s name on any piece of clothing he/she may take off (sweater, coat, sweatshirt, hat, gloves, scarf, etc.).
**We will be going out for recess as often as we can. We like to take the kids outside to run off some energy and get some fresh air. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. If your child likes to wear shorts in the wintertime, they need to have leggings or tights on underneath.
**Please pack extra masks in your child’s backpacks in case they need to put on a fresh mask.
**Your child needs to bring a snack for snack time. We will have snack in the afternoon. It’s helpful if the snack is packed separately from your child’s lunch. The children will not be allowed to use the water fountains at school. Please pack a pop top water bottle each day. (Make sure your child’s name is on his/her water bottle.)

We are so thankful you weathered the virtual storm with us. We cannot wait to see your children in person on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

The First Grade Team
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