1st Grade News: 9/17

Ask your first grader. . .

  • to tell you 3 plural nouns.
  • to tell what sound short i makes. Then ask him/her to tell you 3 short i words.
  • to read a book with you. Then have him/her tell you a connection he/she made when you were reading the story.
  • to tell you what the answer to a subtraction problem is called. (difference)
  • to tell you 3 things that can be found on a map. (a title, a map key, and a compass rose)
  • to tell you what they learned about reflected light and refracted light.

Survey – If you have not completed the parent survey regarding in person vs. virtual learning, please click the link below. Surveys must be completed today, Sept. 18.

Dates to Remember –

  • Oct. 2 Children do not have school – teacher workday.
    Oct. 5-9 Fall Break
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