1st Grade News: 9/25

Ask your first grader. . .
  • to tell you what sounds ch, sh, and th make.  Have your child tell you 2 words that have ch, sh, and th in them.
  • to give you examples of 2 goods and 2 services.
  • to tell you the capital of Tennessee.  Ask your child to tell you the capital of the United States.
  • what strategy he/she would use to solve 11-5= ___.
  • to explain why we see red when we look at a rose.
**INVEST CAMPAIGN NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT – Making a gift or pledging your support is easy – simply visit  and learn more. (If you make a gift or pledge by Friday, your child will receive a free frozen drink from Twice Daily’s Granny White Market!)

 **End of the Nine Weeks – Our first nine weeks ends next week.  All assignments will be due next Thursday, Oct. 1.

**No School – The children do not have school next Friday, Oct. 2.  It is a teacher workday.
**Fall Break – Oct. 5-9
**Return to School – Students return to school Tuesday, October 13.  Tuesday and Wednesday (Oct. 13 and 14) are half days.  Students will be dismissed at 11:30 both days.  Full days resume on Thursday and Friday (Oct. 15 and 16).
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