Second Grade skills for the week of January 17-21:


Wit and Wisdom- Module 2, Lessons 11-13

Anchor Text: Journey of a Pioneer

  • Skills:

    • Use context clues and text features to determine the meaning of the academic and content vocabulary word nomadic.

    • Examine how proper capitalization changes the meaning of a word.

    • Match key details with major events in a story.

    • Edit sentences to ensure capitalization of holidays and geographic names.

    • Identify information in a narrative nonfiction text.

    • Collect evidence of challenges and responses in a text.

    • Draft an informative paragraph with clearly explained details.

Foundational Skills- Lessons 22-25

  • Review of singular and irregular plural nouns

  • Review of common and proper nouns

  • Learn about to be verbs

  • Review synonyms, antonyms, contractions and quotations



Social Studies

Social Studies Weekly Week 22:  Practicing Democracy


  • Subtraction with Regrouping


Have a great weekend!

The 2nd Grade Team