2nd Grade News: 10/1


Thursday, October 7th is the last day of the first quarter! Time flies! We will spend this short week before Fall Break catching up and ensuring we have completed everything we need to by the end of the quarter.

Second Grade skills for the week of October 4-7:


Wit and Wisdom- Module 1, Lessons 15-18
Lesson 15-18: How does the Chameleon change?
Anchor Text: A Color of His Own

Story Elements: Characters, Setting, Problem, Solution

Foundational Skills– Unit 2, Lesson 16
Sentence Capitalization and Punctuation
Order of Story Events
Double Letter Spellings and Consonant Sounds
Suffix Spelling patterns


Earth’s Natural Processes (Soils): Students will explore how soil, water, and wind work together to change the Earth’s surface.

Social Studies

Social Studies Weekly Week 8: The Ways People Live
Students will study how the location of regions affects the way people live.


Addition using the decomposition method

  • 2 digit + 1 digit
  • 2 digit + 2 digit


Have a great weekend!
The 2nd Grade Team

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