2nd Grade News: 10/22

or our upcoming Navigator Day on Tuesday, October 26th, our theme is “Gratitude and Appreciation Towards Veterans.” For this month’s service project, we will partner with the organization A Million Thanks and will be hosting a “Letter Writing Event.” A Million Thanks provides support and appreciation to our active and veteran military men and women through letters. On Navigator Day, we invite all students to write and/or draw a picture in appreciation of our active and veteran military men and women.

Students are encouraged to wear their field trip tees on Tuesday!

Harvest parties will be Thursday. Per PPE guidelines, no parents will be allowed. Any snacks will be prepackaged. If you DO NOT want your child to have the snack, please let the teacher know asap. Thank you to all working behind the scenes to make the parties happen.

Parent-Teacher conferences are next Friday and will be held virtually. No school for students!

Second Grade skills for the week of October 25-29:


Wit and Wisdom- Module 1, Lesson 20
Anchor Text: Why do Leaves Change Color?
Main Idea and details
Informative writing
Reading fluency

Foundational Skills-


Sound: Exploring the cause and effect between vibrations and sound

Social Studies

Social Studies Weekly Week 14: American Symbols
Students will study the well-known American symbols, their histories, and where they are located.


Addition: 3-digit + 2-digit/3-digit no regrouping
Subtraction: 2-digit – 1-digit/2-digit no regrouping

Have a great weekend!
The 2nd Grade Team

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