2nd Grade News: 10/29

Second Grade skills for the week of November 8-12:

Wit and Wisdom- Module 1, Lessons 22-24
Anchor Text: Why do Leaves Change Color?

– Using key terms to identify the change process in leaves.
– With support, draft a conclusion.
– Analyze multiple-choice questions to choose the correct definition for survive and usually.
– Revising/Editing and Rehearsing Informational Paragraph
– Publishing the informational paragraph
– Determine connections between key terms and topics.
– Combine simple sentences using conjunctions.
– Draft, edit and publish an informative paragraph about the impact of weather on trees in fall.

Foundational Skills- Lessons 5-9
Review of spelling alternatives for /ae/
Introduction to Spelling Alternatives for /oe/
Spelling alternatives for /oe/: Common nouns

Sound: Exploring the cause and effect between vibrations and sound

Social Studies
– Social Studies Weekly Week 14: Tennessee Has a Constitution, Too!
– Students will study Tennessee’s Constitution.

Subtracting 2,3-, and 4-digit numbers using decomposition and the vertical algorithm

Have a great weekend!
The 2nd Grade Team

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