2nd Grade News: 10/8

We hope you all have a safe, restful, and fun fall break!

Second Grade skills for the week of October 18-22:


Wit and Wisdom- Module 1, Lessons 20-24
Lesson 15-18: How does weather impact leaves in fall?
Anchor Text: Why do Leaves Change Color?


  • Practice questioning to clarify understandings of a new text.
  • Recount stories, including details about character, setting, problem, and solution.
  • Identify main topics and details.
  • Use adjectives to provide detail.
  • Identify, form and expand simple and compound sentences.
  • Use glossaries and beginning dictionaries to determine or clarify the meaning of words.
  • Use sentence level context to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Foundational Skills- Unit 3, Lessons 1-5
Introduction to spelling alternatives for /ae/ sound


Sound: Exploring the cause and effect between vibrations and sound

Social Studies

– Social Studies Weekly Week 13: The Star-Spangled Banner
– Students will study the history of the national anthem.


– Addition with 2- or 3-digit numbers using the decomposition method
– Addition with 2- or 3-digit numbers using a vertical algorithm

Have a great weekend!
The 2nd Grade Team

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