2nd Grade News: 11/12

Second Grade skills for the week of November 15-19:

Wit and Wisdom- Module 1, Lessons 25-29
Anchor Text: Sky Tree
Describe the impact of color in Sky Tree paintings.
Identify the purpose of revision.
Identify strategies to review informative paragraphs.
Analyze how an author develops imagery using academic vocabulary.
Evaluate words, illustrations, and text structure.
Analyze how the author uses varied sentence structure to give his text rhythm.
Determine the central message of Sky Tree.

Foundational Skills- Lessons 10-15
Review of spelling alternatives for /oe/
Introduce spelling alternatives for /ie/
Common and proper nouns
Encoding plural nouns

Sound: Exploring the cause and effect between vibrations and sound

Social Studies
Social Studies Weekly Week 15: Government Branches
Students will develop a deeper understanding of the three branches of government.

Adding 2 & 3-digit numbers with regrouping

Have a great weekend and a very happy Thanksgiving!
The 2nd Grade Team

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