2nd Grade News: 11/19

This Thanksgiving, we are reminded as to how fortunate we are to teach and learn in a place that is filled with the love and support of its families, teachers, and administration.

The 2nd grade team is thankful for:

Seeing your children live and in person each day.
The joy we experience being together as a learning community.
The wonder in the children’s eyes as we introduce new material.
Their blossoming friendships with their classmates.
The growth in maturity, stamina, and work ethic from the beginning of the school year.

We end this 9-week period with a sound understanding of how change affects people and nature. We begin Module II of our ELA curriculum upon our return and will spend several weeks studying The American West. We will also continue our study of the US government and addition and subtraction with regrouping.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The 2nd Grade Team

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