2nd Grade News: 12/10

Next week we will be finishing our work with The Buffalo Are Back and celebrating the season.
Thank you for all of the love and support you have shown all of us this first semester. We look forward to starting a new year with the children and watching them grow both academically and emotionally.
We hope you all have a magical holiday break celebrating with family and friends!
The 2nd Grade Team

Second Grade skills for the week of January 10-14:

Wit and Wisdom- Module 2, Lessons 6-8
Anchor Text: The Plains Indians
~ With support, identify and explain the purpose of frequently occurring irregular plural nouns.
~ Analyze how points support a topic statement about nomadic and non-nomadic Plains Indians.
~ Identify main topics and details and explain how they are used to organize understanding of informative text.
~ Demonstrate how to choose points when writing informatively.
~ Form and use frequently occurring irregular plural nouns.

Foundational Skills- Lessons 11-15
~ Review of the /ee/ sound and its spellings
~ Tricky spelling “e”
~ More proper nouns
~ Recognize To Be as a verb

Forces and Interactions

Social Studies
~ Social Studies Weekly Week 20: Voting Rights
~ Students will be introduced to the history of voting rights in the United States of America.

~ Fractions

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