2nd Grade News: 12/3

Second Grade skills for the week of December 6-10:


Wit and Wisdom – Module 2, Lessons 1-3
Anchor Text: The Buffalo Are Back

Use a known root word as a clue to the meaning of unknown words.
Understand and retell main topics and key events described in The Buffalo Are Back.
Distinguish shades of meaning among related verbs.
Describe relationships between people, plants, and animals in The Buffalo Are Back.
Identify words that are not topic-specific in a sentence and replace with topic-specific words.
Categorize academic words from anchor text.

Foundational Skills- Lessons 6-10
Spelling “r-controlled” vowels
Introduce the spellings of the /ie/ sound
Practice changing a “y” to an “i” when adding “es”
Decode and encode singular and plural nouns
Action verbs
Encoding regular and irregular singular and plural nouns


– Sound: Exploring the cause and effect between vibrations and sound


Social Studies

– Social Studies Weekly Week 20: Voting Rights
– Students will be introduced to the history of voting rights in the United States of America.



– Geometry

Have a great weekend! The 2nd Grade Team

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