2nd Grade News: 2/25

Second Grade skills for the week of February 28-March 4

Wit and Wisdom- Module 2, Lessons 26-29
Anchor Text: John Henry: An American Legend

– Identify and generate collective nouns from module texts and real-world experiences.
– Examine the importance of understanding feedback.
– Distinguish shades of meaning among the words related to sound.
– Determine the meaning of the new word formed when the prefix un- is added to a known word.
– Identify the structure of an informative paragraph that describes differences between texts.

Foundational Skills- Unit 5: Lessons 25-28
– Alphabetizing
– Tricky ‘ou’
– Grammar assessment (adjectives, nouns, verb tenses
– Tricky spellings review

– Physics: Simple Machines

Social Studies
– Social Studies Weekly Week 28: Going, Going, Gone!

– Measurement

Have a great weekend!
The 2nd Grade Team

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