2nd Grade News: 2/4

Second Grade skills for the week of January 31-February 2:

Wit and Wisdom- Module 2, Lessons 16-19
Anchor Text: The Legend of the Bluebonnet

Ask and answer questions about The Legend of the Bluebonnet.
Recount what happens in The Legend of the Bluebonnet.
Determine criteria for an introduction in an informative paragraph.
Explore story events and character responses.
Examine the function of introductory statements in informative paragraphs.
Use a known root word as a clue to the meaning of an unknown word with the same root.
Determine the lesson of The Legend of the Bluebonnet and explain how it is supported by key details.
Identify and determine the meaning of adverbs ending in -ly.

Foundational Skills- Unit 5: Lessons 11-15
/ee/ spelled ie
Review of /u/ and Schwa spellings
Syllable chunking
/ul/ sound spelled ul, al, il
Parts of speech


Social Studies
Social Studies Weekly Week 25: Cultures and Traditions


Have a great weekend!
The 2nd Grade Team

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