2nd Grade News: 4/29

Second Grade skills for the week of May 2-6
No homework for the remainder of the school year. Woohoo!

– Wit and Wisdom- Module 3: Lesson 12-13
– Anchor Texts: I Have a Dream speech, “Words Like Freedom” poem, Selma to Montgomery March, Alabama, 1965 photograph

– Compare and contrast the main points of two texts on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.
– Write an informative paragraph, drawing evidence from two sources.
– Use the meaning of known words to predict the meaning of unfamiliar compound words.

Foundational Skills-
– End of Year review

– Life Cycles and Survival: Butterflies

Social Studies
– Social Studies Weekly 31: Catchy Jingles
– The Lemonade War

– Money
– Arrays/Multiplication

Have a great weekend,
The 2nd Grade Team

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