2nd Grade News: 5/13

Second Grade skills for the week of May 16-20

– Wit and Wisdom- Module 3: Lesson 17-22
– Anchor Texts: Ruby Bridges Goes to School, The Story of Ruby Bridges
– Generate adjectives and adverbs depending on the word that is being modified.
– Expand sentences, choosing between adjectives and adverbs depending on what is being modified.
– Describe how repetition adds meaning to a song.
– Analyze point of view in a text.
– Distinguish shades of meaning among the related sets of verbs.
– Describe the essential meaning of a text ny rereading and answering questions.
– Use a temporal word in narratives to signify a sequence of events.
– Determine the meaning of new words formed when the suffix -ful is added to known base words.

Foundational Skills-
End of Year review

– Life Cycles and Survival: Butterflies

Social Studies
– Economics
– The Lemonade War

– Arrays/Multiplication

Have a great weekend,
The 2nd Grade Team

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