2nd Grade News: 8/20

Thank you to everyone who attended our Open house! We look forward to a great year.
If you were unable to attend, your child’s teacher will send you the PowerPoint we presented.

Second Grade skills for the week of August 23-27:


  • Wit and Wisdom- Module 1, Lessons 1-3
  • Focusing Question: What changes in “Weather”? Students will read the poem “Weather” to notice and wonder throughout the week.
  • Foundational Skills- Lessons 11-15
  • double letter consonants
  • two syllable words
  • suffix spelling patterns
  • tricky spelling ‘g’ and ‘c’
  • First Spelling Assessment is Friday, August 27th!

To connect to our Wit and Wisdom topic, we will focus on weather. Students will explore seasons, clouds, and storms.

Social Studies
Students will explore our continent in our Studies Weekly magazine, Week 3.


  • Students will focus on Number Sense and Place Value using ten frames and base ten blocks.
  • Throughout the week, we will continue to build our classroom community through SEL based games and activities.
  • Let your child’s teacher know if you have any questions or concerns.

The Second Grade Team

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