3rd Grade News: 11/13

Good Morning Families!

We hope you all had a nice, short school week! Just a couple of notes before we move into academics:

  • Headphones: Please make sure your child brings a pair of headphones into school that can be kept here. They will be used when they are on their computers.
  • Upcoming dates:
    • November 25-27th: No school Wednesday-Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday.
    • December 11th: 50 states test. Please make sure your child is practicing at home!
ELA: We are continuing our study on hurricanes, and will be focusing on Hurricane Katrina and completing a quick write, writing a journal entry as though they are living through a hurricane. In grammar, the focus is on subject and predicate, and we will be doing words with the “-er, -or, and -ir” patterns in phonics.

Math: This week our focus was on area, and next week we will be working on perimeter, the measurement around a shape, where you add l+l+w+w. A skill that we will get to later in the week that is a little challenging is when they are provided with the perimeter and either the length or width, and then need to find the other measurement.

SS: We will be finishing the regions of the US next week, and making our way into continents and oceans. Following Thanksgiving, we will be starting world geography.
As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher with any questions you may have. Enjoy your weekend!
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