3rd Grade News: 11/6

Hello families!
We hope that you are doing well.  As the weather starts to get a little cooler, please remember to send your child to school with a jacket, sweatshirt, or coat.  We are trying to keep our windows open as much as possible to help with ventilation.
Next week we will begin sending home math homework as well as ELA (reading) homework.  This means that your child will have a small amount of written homework each night.  Homework is due the following day.  Here is what your child’s homework schedule will look like:
  • Monday–ELA sheet (due Tuesday)
  • Tuesday–Math sheet (due Wednesday)
  • Wednesday–ELA sheet (due Thursday)
  • Thursday–Math sheet (due Friday).
A note about grades: 

Your child will be receiving more graded work as the weeks continue.  We want to give students every opportunity to be successful.  With that in mind, if your child receives a grade below an 80, they can correct the work.  Your child will then earn an 80 on the corrected assignment.

Spelling tests–Your child will be tested on spelling every Friday.  The third grade teachers have decided to take an average of the spelling tests throughout the nine weeks.  This allows for 1 spelling grade instead of 9.

Here is what we’ll be up to this week. 
  • ELA–This week we’ll begin a unit about hurricanes.  We will learn all about the different categories of hurricanes as well as the causes of a hurricane.  Students will read Gail Gibbons’ book, Hurricanes!.  In grammar this week, we will focus on subject-verb agreement.  Phonics (spelling) words for this week will be homophones.
  • Math–This week we will be learning about area.  We will start by counting area within a figure.  As the week progresses, we’ll focus on area as length times width.  Our fact focus this week will be multiples of 9.
  • Social Studies–We will continue our study of the Regions of the United States.  Our focus this week will be on the Midwest and West regions.  Don’t forget to keep studying for the 50 States test (December 11th).
As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
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