3rd Grade News: 2/26

Hello families!
We hope that you have had a wonderful week back to mostly normal! 🙂  We loved seeing everyone’s snow pictures!  What a treat!
On Monday, March 1 you will receive an email from your teacher full of helpful information about your child’s data and progress.  Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for March 26.  We will be in touch about scheduling soon.
Here is what we’ll be up to next week:
  • In ELA we are going to learning about water conservation and water usage around the world.  Students will read a story about a girl in Mozambique, as well as a story about the city of Flint, Michigan.  We will integrate science into our ELA learning and learn about clouds and water on our Earth.  In grammar we will be learning about simple, compound, and complex sentences.  Phonics will continue as usual.
  • In Math, you guessed it, we’re still studying fractions.  This week our focus will be on equivalent fractions, moving towards comparing fractions.
    For Social Studies next week, we’ll be learning about the 13 colonies.  We’ll be exploring the colonies for two weeks.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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