3rd Grade News: 9/17

3rd grade families,
Hope you all are well. We have been enjoying spending time with your students as we continue to grow in reading, number sense, science skills, and geography knowledge. We hope your kids are enjoying school as much as we are!

Starting this week, please have students begin to practice their 2, 5, and 10 multiplication facts at home. This will allow us grow in our math fluency as we increase our difficulty in skill level! Each week we will add a few more facts until they have mastered all facts from 0-9. We will practice at school as well. Please aim to have students practice using technology for flashcards for 10 minutes a night Monday-Thursday. Thank you!

Here is what we will be learning next week:
E.L.A.: Informational texts on the sea, informational writing
Math: Division concepts and strategies
Science: Light and Sound Energy

Dates to look forward to:

  • September 20th-Tiger Cup
  • September 23rd-Songs Under the Stars
  • October 8th-No school for students
  • October 11th-15th-Fall Break
  • As always, please let us know if you have any questions!
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