4th Grade News: 10/29

Hello Fabulous Families,
What a busy and exciting week we’ve had in 4th grade! We had our third Navigator Day of the school year with your children. We love having time set aside to invest in the non-academic side of your precious children! Being able to hear their thoughts and feelings is such a special time of connection for us all.
A huge thank you for helping make the Harvest Parties a huge success! We understand it is difficult to not able to attend the festivities, but please know that we are still making special memories with your kiddos! We want you to feel like part of our classes even though you can’t be here in person. See below for information about following our classes on Instagram so that you can enjoy the memories being made in 4th grade.

We are starting new Instagram pages for our classes this year, so please request to follow your child’s teacher/teachers to see all the learning and shenanigans that are taking place. If your name is not clearly in your Instagram handle, please send us an e-mail letting us know it is you. We want to keep these private and only open to 4th grade families and PPE teachers.

Mrs. Allen-mrsallenppe
Ms. Cary-mrscaryppe
Mrs. Akbari-mrsakbarippe

Recommendations for Private Schools:
It is hard to believe that is time start the middle school selection process. Please know that we are happy to fill out recommendations for your child. It will be very helpful if you will email us when you are applying to a school so we can be on the lookout for those rec forms. Sometimes they end up in our clutter folders, and we don’t want to miss them!

Academics Next Week:
Math- Multi-digit multiplication review week
Science- Ecosystems
ELA- Essential Question: What does it mean to have a great heart, literally and figuratively? Core Text: Love That Dog (poetry); Grammar: ordering adjectives; Writing: Informative Writing
Social Studies- Studies Weekly 10 “Our Nation is Born”

Have a great weekend,
Kate, Jessica, Emily, and Grace

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